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Majlis Makan Malam Anugerah Dekan dan Pra Graduan

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Oil and Gas Week 2014 – Technical and career talk from diamond sponsor, Petronas

Date : 28 October 2014

Time : 3:00 – 4:00 pm

OGW2014 continued after the VIP lunch reception. Next, our diamond sponsor, Petronas took the stage to deliver a technical and career talk. The technical is delivered by Mrs. Rabiah, a geologist from Petronas about ‘Geologist in Petronas’.  The attendees are from University Malaya and second year FKK students. She explained about what geologist usually do in their field of work. Started from screening and testing whether or not what they had been drilled is profitable for production. Other than that, she also explained about where did petroleum come from and how the process of production happened. The session continued with a career talk in Petronas from from Mrs. Ng Kai Yee, a petroleum engineer from Petronas with 5 years of working experience. In her speech, she mentioned about her journey and experience as a petroleum engineer. She highlighted in her speech that teamwork is important to become a successful petroleum engineer working in the industry has opened the opportunity for her to work with people from various countries such Egypt, Iran, Indonesia and others. Mrs Ng Kai Yee also encouraged the audiences to find employment in oil & gas industry as the rapid growing pace of industry can help them to develop their career to a higher degree. She also mentioned about the criteria that are needed to become a petroleum engineer. The talk session ended with Q&A session with the audiences.

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Officiating event UiTM OIL AND GAS WEEK 2014

The crowd started to gather in Dewan Seri Budiman  as soon as the exhibition has started which is 9:00am.  The exhibition booths are consist of Petronas, Muhibbah Engineering, Tabung Haji Heavy Engineering, Halliburton, Shell, Malaysia Marine Heavy Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, SIRIM, SPE UiTM Student Chapter, SPE Kuala Lumpur and Energy Instititute .The officiating event started with the arrival of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, the personnel from each sponsors which are Petronas, Muhibbah Engineering, Tabung Haji Heavy  Engineering, Halliburton, Shell and Malaysia Marine Heavy Engineering. The ceremony continues with speech by the OGW14 Program Director, Shazreena Ishak. She expresses her high hopes on achieving the objective of OGW14 and so that the program will be fully utilized by both visitors and exhibitors. The OGW14 Advisor, Associate Professor Zulkafli Hassan highlighted in his speech the benefits of the program which so that the students and youths knows what potential role they can play in oil and gas industry.

He also stated that this event will give awareness to the students on what oil and gas industry can offer. Dean of Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Associate Professor Dr. Ayub Md. Som expressed that this event gives great career opportunity for fresh graduates and youth. This event should be the stepping stone for the visitors to build networking and relationship among the visitors and exhibitors.  He ends his speech by officiating OGW14. The event continues with the mock cheque presentation from the sponsors.  The  gold sponsor for OGW14 is Petronas with RM 20,000 sponsorship, Tabung Haji Heavy Engineering and Muhibbah engineering are the platinum sponsor with RM 15,000 respectively, Halliburton is OGW14’s gold sponsor with RM 10,000 sponsorship. Shell and Malaysia Marine Heavy Engineering is the silver sponsor with RM 5000 sponsorship each. The event ended with the photography session with all distinguished guest.

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Perdana Scholar Award USA 2014 in the field excellence

Setinggi-tinggi Tahniah dan Syabas diucapkan kepada En Najmiddin Yaakob yang telah dianugerahkan Perdana Scholar Award USA 2014 in the field excellence oleh YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia dimana Anugerah tersebut telah dianjurkan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia dan Kedutaan Malaysia di USA dengan kerjasama JPA, MARA, TalentCorp dan YaPEIM. Semoga kejayaan ini dapat melonjakkan lagi nama dan citra FKK dan UiTM di arena Kebangsaan dan Antarabangsa.





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Nama :Program:Engineering Inter-University Collaboration

Tarikh :12 hingga 14 September 2014

Tempat: Harmony Excellence Resort Janda Baik, Pahang.

Penglibatan: Universiti: UiTM, UPM, UKM, UTM

Bilangan Peserta:160 orang



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